Python Program to Print Series and Addition

Python Programming to generate a series and sum the numbers of series. In the program an input value of x and power n will be given. On the basis of input the python program will print the series along with its addition.

Python programming series and sum -How it works

Here we are working on series that print the input number first time i.e x and after that goes on printing x power n. n is a natural number starting from 1 to n. like for x=2, y=4 series will be 2 4 8 16 and sum is the sum of all its element n series 2+4+8+16=30.

Let’s write a python program

Write a program (WAP) to input value of x and n and print the series along with its sum in Python Program using while loop.

# Here series is x,x^2,x^3,x^4……………,x^n.
#sum is sum of series elements

x=float(input(“Enter the value of x”)) #to input the start value of series
n=float(input(“Enter the value of n”))#the number of value series has to be carried to
i=1 #start value is taken as 1
s=0 #sum value is taken as 0

while i<n: #it is a loop which continues untill this condition is true
y=x**i #Here y equal to x^i
print(y, “+”, end=”) #here it is printed as series
s=s+y # here sum is calculated
print(x**n) #to print the last element of series
s=s+(x**n) #to add the last element of series
print(“Sum of series =”, s)#print function shows the output on output screen

Testing the Series and Addition program

Here is the output shown for various input value.

Here the first value as input is 6 and second value the number of turn is 5 then it present 5 terms as series and sum of all the numbers . Series is 6 36 216 1296 7776 and sum of series 9330.

Congrats, our Python Program to Print Series and Addition is working fine.

Python programming series and sum source code –Click here

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