Program to Print Pattern in Python

Today, we are going to discuss two Program to Print the Pattern in Python language. The python program to print number pattern and star pattern with source code will be discussed. This basic python program is very useful for beginners, CBSE Class 11,12 Computer Science and Project Practical file.

i)Number pattern -This pattern starts with 1 and then in next line 12 and then in next line 123 similarly it goes to 12345.


ii)Star pattern– This pattern starts with ***** and then in next line **** and then in next line *** similarly it goes to *.


WAP to Print Pattern using loop

In a Nested loop setting first the first loop (above loop) is called first time if it matches the conditions then the next whole loop upto last iterations iterates is calculated and shows the result. Here for all loop iterations are taken for loop under for 1 loop iteration of the above loop.
# is used for commenting where we use the # the whole line changes to comment

Python Source Code for the pattern program

pattern code in python

for i in range(1,6): #for loop in the range from 1 to 6 means 5 iteration
for j in range(1,i+1): #for loop from 1 to i+1
print(j,end=””) # print the number j which increases with each iteration
print() # It is used to get to new line

Output of the Program to Print Pattern in Python-

pattern code in python

Download the source code from here- click here

pattern code in python

for i in range(5,0,-1): #for loop initializing from i=5 to zero with decrease of -1 i with iteration
for j in range(i): #this loop j starts from 1 and goes to i every time the above loop changes 1 iteration
print(‘*’,end=””)#It print * with every iteration of j
print() #takes to a new line

Output of Program to Print Pattern in Python-

pattern code in python

Download the source code from here- click here

Today we learn the two basic python program. Keep on going . Thanks for visit.

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