MS PowerPoint Questions and Answers in English

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software. These are some of the most important Questions and Answers that the Government and private sector asks. These are required for Bank job, HARTRON SETC.

MS PowerPoint Questions and Answers in English

Q1. What is a PowerPoint file extension?

  1. .xls
  2. .popt
  3. pptx
  4. .PowerPoint

Q2. In Microsoft PowerPoint, to add Header and Footer to handouts which view is used?

  1. Slide master
  2. Handout master
  3. Title master
  4. all of the above

Q3. Which of these can be inserted on a PowerPoint slide?

  1. Picture
  2. Graph
  3. Text
  4. All of these

Q4. Which menu in PowerPoint is used to change the size of an object?

  1. File
  2. Format
  3. Edit
  4. View

Q5. What is the use of Power Point?

  1. To manipulate data
  2. To analyses data
  3. Word processing
  4. Designing a presentation

Q6. In MS Power point Which of the following is used to add time to the slides in a presentation?

  1. Slide layout
  2. Slide show menu
  3. Slide transition
  4. Rehearse timings button

Q7. In MS PowerPoint which command brings you to the first slide in the presentation?

  1. Next slide button
  2. Page up
  3. Ctrl + Home
  4. Ctrl + End

Q8. In MS PowerPoint, Page in a presentation is called?

  1. Slide
  2. E-slide
  3. E-page
  4. Page

Q9. The default view in PowerPoint is?

  1. Normal view
  2. Slide show
  3. Slide show view
  4. Outline view

Q10. In MS PowerPoint the slide show button in the custom animation task pane starts the slide show from the ……… .

  1. First slide
  2. Selected slide
  3. After the current slide
  4. Last edited slide

Q11. In MS PowerPoint ,To start the slide show shortcut key is?

  1. F5
  2. Shift + F5 +
  3. Ctrl + F5
  4. Alt + F5

Q12. Maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is?

  1. 400
  2. 200
  3. 600
  4. 100

Q13. The shortcut key combination for inserting a new slide in Microsoft PowerPoint is?

  1. Ctrl + M
  2. Ctrl + E
  3. Ctrl + A
  4. Ctrl + S

Q14. Which of the following is not a view in Microsoft PowerPoint?

  1. Slide View
  2. Slide Show
  3. Outline View
  4. Presentation View

Q15. Which of the following is a presentation graphics software?

  1. Windows
  2. Power Point
  3. Excel
  4. Word

Q16. In MS PowerPoint, which of the following method can insert  a new slide in current presentation?

  1. Right click on the slide panel and choose new slide
  2. From insert menu choose new slide
  3. Click on new slide button on toolbar
  4. All of the above

Q17. In MS Power point ,Which of the following is not a part of slide design? 

  1. Design template
  2. Color scheme
  3. Animation scheme
  4. Slide layout

Q18.  How to select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation?

  1. Ctrl + K
  2. Ctrl + D
  3. Ctrl + H
  4. Tab

Q19. To print power point presentation, press?

  1. Ctrl + P
  2. Ctrl + S
  3. Ctrl + Shift + P
  4. Ctrl + A

Q20. In MS powepoint ,The following is a slide transition effect? 

  1. Wipe allover
  2. Dissolve
  3. Bit by bit
  4. None of the above

Answer Sheet MS PowerPoint Questions and Answers in English –

Q1.Ans 3Q11.Ans 1
Q2.Ans 2Q12.Ans 1
Q3.Ans 4Q13.Ans 1
Q4.Ans 2Q14.Ans 1
Q5.Ans 4Q15.Ans 2
Q6.Ans 4Q16.Ans 4
Q7.Ans 3Q17.Ans 4
Q8.Ans 1Q18.Ans 4
Q9.Ans 1Q19.Ans 1
Q10.Ans 2Q20.Ans 2

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