LibreOffice Writer PDF Notes for CCC

LibreOffice Writer PDF Notes for CCC. NIELIT has now added the Libre Office in place of MS Office in CCC Syllabus 2022. Questions from the Libre Office Writer are being asked in CCC online test Exam. NIELIT has released notes and assignment for CCC Exam. We here are providing the notes and assignment for CCC Exam. We are providing google drive link of LibreOffice Writer Notes PDF for free download.

First we must know the syllabus of NIELIT CCC Word Processing ( LibreOffice Writer). The new syllabus contains following sub-topics of Libre Office writer :-

3.2 Word Processing Basics
3.2.1 Opening Word Processing Package
3.2.2 Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbars & Sidebar
3.2.3 Creating a New Document

3.3 Opening and Closing Documents
3.3.1 Opening Documents
3.3.2 Save and Save As
3.3.3 Closing Document
3.3.4 Using The Help
3.3.5 Page Setup
3.3.6 Print Preview
3.3.7 Printing of Documents
3.3.8 PDF file and Saving a Document as PDF file

3.4 Text Creation and manipulation
3.4.1 Document Creation
3.4.2 Editing Text
3.4.3 Text Selection
3.4.4 Cut, Copy and Paste
3.4.5 Font, Color, Style and Size selection
3.4.6 Alignment of Text
3.4.7 Undo & Redo
3.4.8 AutoCorrect, Spelling & Grammar
3.4.9 Find and Replace

Formatting the Text
3.5.1 Paragraph Indentation
3.5.2 Bullets and Numbering
3.5.3 Change case
3.5.4 Header & Footer

Table Manipulation
3.6.1 Insert & Draw Table
3.6.2 Changing cell width and height
3.6.3 Alignment of Text in cell
3.6.4 Delete / Insertion of Row, Column and Merging & Splitting of Cells
3.6.5 Border and Shading

3.7 Mail Merge
3.8 Shortcut Keys

LibreOffice Writer PDF Download

Download the PDF of LibreOffice Notes from the below given buttons.

Topic – LibreOffice Writer ( Printing, Editing & Formatting)

Topic- Libre Writer (Formating)

Topic- Libre Writer (Bullet, Numbering, Table etc. )

Topic- Libre Writer (Table, Border Shading etc. )

Topic-Libre Writer (shortcut keys and assignment etc )

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