Full Forms of Computer Abbreviations PDF

Full form of abbreviation related to computer basic knowledge with PDF download link is given below. Full form of abbreviations are asked in many Jobs Interview, Computer GK Quiz and Competitive Exams for Govt Jobs. We are providing selected Abbreviation to improve your basic computer GK.

  • WWW- World Wide Web
  • IVP – Integrated Voice Protocol
  • BCC- Blind Carbon Copy
  • WMP- Window Media Player
  • DNS- Domain Name System
  • LCD- Liquid Crystal Display
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization
  • UTP- Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • IVR- Internet Voice Response
  • OSI- Open Systems Interconnection
  • NoSQL-Not only SQL
  • POS- Point Of Sale
  • URL- Uniform Resource Locator
  • DFS- Distributed File System
  • RPA- Robotic Process Automation
  • CD-ROM- Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  • URI- Uniform Resource Identifier
  • VDU- Visual Display Unit
  • ARP- Address Resolution Protocol
  • QR- Quick Response Code
  • HTML- Hypertext Markup Language
  • IMEI- International Mobile Equipment Identity
  • DBMS- Database Management System
  • PIN-Personal Identification Number
  • CRM-Customer Relationship manager
  • IAAS- Infrastructure as a service
  • GUI- Graphical User Interface
  • OCR- Optical Character Recognition
  • PNG- Portable Network Graphics
  • FTP- File Transfer Protocol
  • ICT-Information and Communication Technology
  • P2P- Peer to Peer
  • SSL- Secure Socket Layer
  • MAC- Media Access Control
  • ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • PAN- Personal Area Network
  • ATM- Automated Teller Machine
  • WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
  • LAN- Local Area Network
  • CSS- Cascading Style Sheets
  • IDS- Intrusion Detection System
  • E-mail- Electronic mail
  • VGA- Video Graphical Area
  • OTP- One Time Password
  • CC- Carbon Copy
  • VOIP- Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • BIOS- Basic Input / Output System
  • DOT- Dots per inch

Full Forms of Computer Abbreviations PDF Download

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