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NIELIT conduct Computer Aided Paperless Examination System (CAPES) to test the students for the CCC Certificate Computer Course. CCC Online Exam Test Free Demo in Hindi and English (Bilingual) for the Mock practice of actual official examination.

CCC Exam Pattern

  • Objective Type multiple choice questions (MCQ)
  • Number of questions -100
  • Time duration – 90 mins
  • No negative marking
  • One mark for each correct answer
  • Number of True False – Approx. 25 (may vary from one 20 to 40)

CCC Syllabus

NIELIT CCC Online Exam consist questions from the following topics:

  • Introduction to Computer.
  • Introduction to Operating System.
  • Word Processing (Libreoffice Writer).
  • Spread Sheet (Libreoffice Calc).
  • Presentation (Libreoffice Impress).
  • Introduction to Internet and WWW.
  • E-mail, Social Networking and eGovernance.
  • Digital Financial Tools and Applications.
  • Overview of Future-Skills and Cyber Security.

CCC Exam Instructions

  • Every student will take the CCC online exam on a single Computer terminal / PC.
  • On computer screen every examinee will be given objective type questions.
  • Questions Type : (1) Multiple choice (2) True-False Type questions.
  • Each student will get questions in different order.
  • Randomly selected from a fixed Question Databank.
  • The students need to use the mouse and click on the Right option.
  • Choice / option given below the each question.
  • Objective types of questions consist of Multiple Choice and True/False type questions.
  • Answers to the questions are to be marked by clicking (using mouse) on the appropriate radio button.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), each question has four options, and the candidate has to click the appropriate
  • option.
  • For True/False Type Questions, each question has two options, and the candidate has to click appropriate option.

Step by Step – CCC Online Exam

  • The sequence to be followed by each examinee for appearing in CCC Online Computer base Exam:
  • Enter their Login Id provided by the Exam Superintendent on the screen displayed.
  • Details of the student appear on the screen, which will be verified by invigilator.
  • Instructions will be displayed to guide through the test.
  • The Time of the examination begins immediately after the ‘Start Test’ button is pressed.
  • The examinee proceeds answering the questions one by one by clicking on the radio button next to the chosen answer.
  • The student can move to First, Last, Previous, Next and Unanswered questions by clicking on the buttons with respective labels displayed on screen at any time, throughout the test.
  • The answers can be changed at any time during the test and are saved automatically.
  • It is possible to Review the answered as well as the Un-answered questions.
  • The Time remaining for the completion of test is shown in the Right Top Corner of the screen.
  • End Test : if examinee finishes the exam before time he can press the ‘End Test’ button.
  • The test is automatically submitted when the time limit is over

CCC Exam Demo


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CCC Online Practice Set

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Exam Result

The certificate is awarded to the Candidates who secure a minimum of 50 percent marks.
Result will be in grades not marks or percentage :
D: 50% – 54%, C: 55% – 64%, B: 65% – 74%, A: 75% – 84%, S: 85% and over, F: Fail (<50%).

Topic wise CCC Practice Set : CCC NIELIT Online Test

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