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Notes on Basics of computer Knowledge Pdf Free Download. Basic Computer Science notes with concepts and is help full in Bank IBPS, HARTRON SETC , CCC , Private as well as Government Interview competitive exam.


Notes on basics of computer – present an overview of the basic design of a computer system: how the different parts of a computer system are organized and various operations performed to perform a specific task. You would have observed that instructions have to be fed into the computer in a systematic order to perform a specific task. Computer components are divided into two major categories, namely, hardware and software. We will discuss about hardware, i.e., the machine itself and its connected devices such as monitor, keyboard, mouse etc., as well as software that makes use of hardware for performing various functions.

Objective of Basic Computer Notes –

  1. After going through this lesson you would be able to:
  2. Explain basic organization of computer system
  3. Explain different types of input and output devices
  4. Define Software and its classification
  5. Distinguish between system software and application software
  6. Describe computer language and its classification

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