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Basic computer maintenance Notes Book PDF – We are in the age of computers. From watch to drone everything is containing a computer or operated by a computer. Today we are going to learn basic computer maintenance which contains both software and hardware maintenance of Desktop and Laptop personal Computer. It is useful in computer interview question of HARTRON SETC , CCC , Lekhpal , State government SSC.

So many computers are out there. The requirement of computer maintenance people has increased. It is necessary to read basic computer maintenance pdf so that persons can maintain their computers .Every needs to know this so that his work on machine computer is done easily and longevity. Here are the contents provided –

Basic computer maintenance PDF Contents:

Software Maintenance

Drive Error Correction –

Schedule: Only runs manually. Recommend full Check Disk be run once a month at least, or more often if abnormal events occurs.


Schedule: Runs automatically when you schedule the task; It is not necessary that it run every night. At least once a month is sufficient. The process may take a few hours, so it is best to schedule the task when the computer will not be used by anyone.

Hard Drive free space

Typically a hard drive will maintain optimal performance (all other factors considered) when at least 10% of its working capacity/partition is free of data (some professionals suggest up to 20%). There are many ways to free up space on a full hard drive, including the “Software Inventory” topic below. Installing additional internal or external hard drives is almost always an option.

Software Inventory

This step will require you knowing what software is needed/wanted on your computer. Please use caution when uninstalling software as this is an undoable procedure.

Startup folder

Some programs will automatically put a shortcut in the Startup folder, forcing the program to automatically launch when you turn the computer on or log in. Sometimes this is desirable, sometimes not. Either way, this practice may slow your computer down to various degrees, and with the program running all the time, may slow down the performance of your computer

Security updates

Getting the “Important” (Windows 7/Vista) or “High-priority” (Windows XP and earlier) updates is most critical. “Optional” updates are inconsequential to your computer security, so are not necessary. Important or High-priority updates should be scheduled to downloaded and installed automatically.


Hardware Maintenance
Dust removal and ventilation

Other issues:
Performance Options

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