Basic Computer Course Book PDF

Our Super Success Institute has prepared a step-by-step self-study guide for computer training. This training manual is available for free download. It covers Word Pad, MS Paint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Inside, you’ll find daily tasks and assignments for students, along with exercises for self-study and practice. This book is designed to make computer learning easy and systematic. We are providing this Basic Computer Course Book PDF for free download for the students.

Basic Computer Course Book

  • Day-to-day tasks and assignments for basic computer training.
  • Learn and practice all features and tabs in detail.
  • Each point is explained with helpful screenshots.
  • Practice exercises included.
  • Written by experienced teachers.
  • Ideal for computer training institutes.
  • Covers all topics of the basic computer course, including MS Paint, Notepad, MS Word, MS Excel, and Power Point.

Why Computer Basic Course ?

In today’s world, we use computers for everything, from playing football to checking the weather, often with additional gadgets. Computers are becoming increasingly common and are used for various everyday purposes. Therefore, it has become a necessity for all of us to learn the basics of computer usage. We have created a Training Module for Basic Computer Training specifically designed for institutes. The strength of this book lies in its systematic approach to learning, including day-to-day tasks.

The computer course book covers the following basics:

a. Microsoft Paint: Using the mouse to draw pictures and shapes.
b. Notepad: Basic typing using the keyboard, opening, and moving folders.
c. Microsoft Word: Writing, editing, and formatting documents.
d. Microsoft Excel: Calculating and analyzing data.
e. Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating presentations for data.

Book includes simple exercises and assignment of each topic.

Download : Basic Computer Course Book

PDF Name : Basic Computer Course Book
e-edition – 2022
Author: Archit Gulia, B.Tech
Prepared by : Super Success Institute, Muzaffarnagar and
PDF Pages : 127

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